Bike week: what a wonderful time to wrap up this project and get close to summer. I can’t believe that I am in my last week of classes at KSU. Graduation will be bitter-sweet. However, let’s focus on the now. Manhattan’s Bike week is going on. There are several activities every day, so check them out! Here’s a few to get you started:

Tomorrow before class stop by Varsity Donuts for some breakfast, show your helmet and to get free drink with your donut. (P.S. it’s bike to work day)

Wednesday there are booths at Boscoe Plaza. Such as free bike maintenance and talking to bike friendly businesses.

For more events the rest of the week check out Bike Manhattan (not all of them even require a bike!)

All other things aside, the rise in gas prices have drivers looking for alternative modes of transportation. And though I feel Manhattan is more bike friendly than many communities in the midwest, it is not perfect. Fault can be put in many places: the city for not creating the ultimate infrastructure, the drivers for not watching for cyclists, and the uninformed cyclist riding the streets. It seems that I have noticed more bikes around Manhattan this year than in my 5 years here. And that is awesome, but many of them are inexperienced on basic rules of cycling, and I cringe when I see people make mistakes that could create a danger. Basically here is a breakdown for some basic safety:

– a bike should yield to pedestrians, the sidewalk is their territory, especially on campus.

– follow the same rules of the road as a car, this includes stopping at a stop sign, and using hand signals so the drivers know what to expect

Though I am wrapping up my time as a blogger, I am certain that my cycling days will continue. This project has helped me break my reliance on my car, honestly. I feel silly now driving places that are so close to home, and usually for reasons such as meeting a group for classwork close to sunset. As much as I love cycling… the dark is not a fun time to ride without a good light (it probably doesn’t help that my neighborhood has no streetlights). So for now, I am restricted to the daylight. But my work has not been in vain, I did get two of my friends at different times to go places with me via a bike. From the planning stages it was a worry of mine that going somewhere with multiple people would be difficult on a bike (tandem bikes excluded, since I don’t have one). I felt that it was a small victory to drag other people away from their cars. And here comes the best part….. they liked it. My college age friends were happy (and nearly willing) to get some physical exercise outside on a nice afternoon. I will not hold my breath for them to accompany me when the weather is not exactly ideal. But I suppose I can be satisfied for the time being. And for one last cartoon……Image